Understanding your needs

The first step in helping you with your hearing problem is for one of our audiologists to spend time talking to you about your difficulties so we can really understand your needs. We will carry out a full range of tests to enable us to assess your hearing loss.  We will then discuss your test results in detail and talk about the hearing aid options that are most suitable for you.

Technical expertise

We use the latest diagnostic equipment and our audiologists are trained to provide a high quality of technical service and expertise, adhering to the highest clinical standards. This ensures that the care and support that you will receive is second to none.

Custom discreet solutions

If you want the most discreet solution Hearbase can provide hearing aids which disappear inside your ear canal as well as those which come in a range of subtle tones to match your hair or skin. There are also bright designs in primary colours if you want to make a bold statement.

The latest technology

If you are looking for the latest technology we can offer hearing aids which work with remote controls and are wireless enabled to communicate with mobile phones, MP3 players and televisions. We get our products from a wide variety of suppliers so we can access the very latest technology from all over the world.